Integratie en Interoperabiliteit

JAC-Mediware is the premier European supplier of highly interoperable, modular, web browser software solutions for use by prescribers, pharmacists and nurses in hospitals.  Our solutions enable process optimisation and efficiency improvements to be made in the patient’s medicinal workflow journey at a hospital, clinic, residential care home or, in the patient’s home setting.

Our software solutions are scalable for use in one hospital, or across a region of many hospital and outlying clinics. Individual modules can be deployed to work singularly (with appropriate interfaces to other supporting systems) or, jointly with other JAC-Mediware modules. All modules are easily interface-able with other open IT standards based systems such as:

JAC-Mediware subscribes to the “techUK Open Standards and Interoperability Charter” which means we are fully committed to making our software solutions and data interoperable with other IT software suppliers’ IT systems, to assist hospital with building complete, hospital wide, patient centric solutions.


Modular Solutions

Any JAC-Mediware module, including the core medicinal production module, can be implemented flexibly to ‘fit-in’ and to ‘interoperate’ with the customer’s pre-existing preferred future alternative electronic prescribing, administration, EMR, medical charting and ERP systems, as shown below:


It is equally possible to configure and deploy any JAC-Mediware software module to work in conjunction with the customer’s paper based systems for supporting prescribing, production or administration workflow. System deployment and interfacing options are limitless and can be tailored to meet each customer’s individual requirement.



JAC-Mediware web-browser, interoperable Open Standards software modules are available for:

Electronic prescribing of:

Administration of:


Production of:

JAC-Mediware solutions are used by pharmacies that are nationally licenced, or licenced to the European wide GMP GAMP5 standard, which applies to manufacturing of all medicinal products.

Manufacturing within these pharmacies consists mainly of aseptic prepared products for immediate use of all the above types of prescription or orders. Our solutions enable optimisation of pharmacy workflows, particularly when deployed with two way interfaces to providers of major EMR and ERP systems, or to other ‘Open Standards’ based medical charting system providers. Deployment of appropriate JAC-MEDIWARE software modules enables authorised healthcare professionals to see the patient’s complete medication history in one ‘joined up’ medicine chart view.

Interfaces and Interoperability

JAC-Mediware offer workflow optimisation, system interface design and development service, plus support and maintenance services to hospitals, along with supply of our software.

JAC-Mediware software modules are used in combination with two way interfaces by the major European EMR system providers such as; CHIPSOFT, EPIC, SAP ISH-med, Cambio, and by TRACK and others in the UK.

All data interfaces to/from our medicine management modules are built using international health language (HL7) standard and we are expert with JSON, XML (all versions), FHIR, or even txt. JAC-Mediware also has extensive European wide experience of interfacing to many different suppliers of patient demographic and laboratory systems.

JAC-Mediware software modules use SQL database and Intersystem Cache, depending on the customer’s technical requirement.

Since 1980, we have supplied 200+ hospitals with interfaces to all kinds of systems and continue to \maintain and support them.


  1. Two way interfaces to other EMR / Medical charting systems have been provided to the following hospitals: 
  1. OLVG Hospital Amsterdam, – Using EPIC and Mediware
  2. Antonius Nieuwegein Hospital – Using EPIC and JAC - Mediware
  3. Twee steden Hospital – Using EPIC and JAC - Mediware
  4. Gelre Hospital, Netherlands – Using SAP ISH (medical, logistics and finance interfaces) and JAC – Mediware.
  5. Leiden University Hospital – Using CHIPSOFT and JAC - Mediware
  6. Sor-Ost, Norway – DIPS (single medical chart view, patient privacy, laboratory interfaces, robot interface, FarmaPro pharmacy interface  is in design
  7. Algemeen Stedelijk Hospital Belgium – Using Nexus and JAC – Mediware


  1. Two way interfaces have been achieved with the following major EMR system providers:
  1. EPIC
  2. SAP (ISH)
  3. CAMBIO Cosmic


  1. Interfaces between JAC - Mediware and patient demographic and/or laboratory systems
    1. Have been implemented at all sites using CMS across Europe


  1. Interfaces between JAC – Mediware and UK’s leading provider of electronic prescribing, pharmacy ordering and stock inventory control and pharmacy dispensing systems: 
  1. Bedford Hospital
  2. Princess Alexandra Hospital
  3. Kings Lynne Hospital
  4. \\Jersey General Hospital



Further information about JAC-Mediware and our interoperable software modules please contact:

Mediware Information Systems